Boca Raton vaping ban introduced at city council meeting, vaping could land you in jail if you do it in the wrong spot in Boca

Karl Dickey

At last night’s Boca Raton City Council meeting Ordinance 5296 was introduced to ban vaping (the act of using an electronic cigarette) and will be taken up for passage at a future meeting. If passed, the ordinance would fine vapers $500 or put them in jail for up to 60 days if they vape in the “wrong place”. The measure is a violation of a small business owner’s right to operate their business as they see fit. It should be, that a business owner should be able to ban or not ban vaping in their establishment. It should not be the local government’s draconian ordinance to put people in jail for such “offenses.” The ordinance takes that away business owner’s right.

Here is an article on the issue:

If you would like to voice your disapproval of this proposed ordinance, please write your Boca Raton City Council members TODAY…

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