Greensations launches world’s first coconut oil toothpaste for natural dental care market

Greensations has launched the world’s first commercial coconut oil toothpaste under their new Cocodent brand. While the company is known for developing unique natural health and beauty products in a variety of categories, coconut oil toothpaste is their first offering in dental care.

“We’ve been using coconut oil in skin care products for years, but we started developing coconut oil toothpaste about a year ago after researching oil pulling. We created a 100% natural toothpaste that cleans and whitens teeth while fighting bacteria. You can find home recipes for coconut oil toothpaste all over the web, but Cocodent is the first commercial toothpaste available to consumers,” says Wayne Perry, CEO of Greensations.

Coconut oil has been hugely popular over the past few years for all kinds of health issues, but perhaps the most innovative use has been for dental care. Studies show coconut oil is very beneficial for teeth due to its natural antibacterial properties.

In 2012, researchers at Ireland’s Athlone Institute of Technology tested coconut oil’s biocidal properties against the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. They discovered that enzyme-modified coconut oil strongly inhibited the growth of most strains of Streptococcus bacteria including Streptococcus mutans – an acid-producing bacterium that is a major cause of tooth decay.

Coconut oil has traditionally been used for oil pulling, the ancient practice of swishing oils in the mouth like mouthwash. Coconut oil is a proven inhibitor of many viral and bacterial organisms, largely due to its high Lauric acid content. When enzymes in saliva break-down the fatty acids in coconut oil, the swishing compound kills bacteria and pulls it away from the teeth.

By infusing coconut oil with baking soda through a proprietary mixing process, Cocodent toothpaste acts a gentle detergent to whiten teeth and remove plaque while fighting bacteria. It does not contain any fluoride, chemicals, sweeteners or foaming agents like most so-called natural toothpastes do. Unlike traditional toothpaste that’s been chemically treated and packaged in tubes, Cocodent comes in a jar with a small spatula used for applying the paste to a toothbrush. Samples are available for qualified retailers, as well as dental professionals and media personnel upon request.

Founded in 2009, Greensations is a division of GSC Products, LLC. The company manufactures 30 natural health and beauty products under 13 brand names. Greensations brands are sold in thousands of retailers and have been featured by Dr. Oz, The Doctors, Good Housekeeping, NY Times and more.

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