CelebExperts Reveals Its Top 5 Celebrity Marketing Campaigns For Super Bowl XLIX

The Super Bowl is a chance for industry-leading brands and startups alike to cash in on the largest TV marketing opportunity of the year. Leading celebrity acquisition firm CelebExperts picked out the top Super Bowl marketing campaigns featuring celebrity spokespeople that will have the biggest impact for companies confident enough to spend the big bucks for featured ad spots during the game.

As was the case with Budweiser’s Puppy Love advertisement last year, a heart-warming storyline can be enough to leave a meaningful impression on viewers. Yet some of the most memorable advertisements in Super Bowl history have come on the curtails of celebrity spokespeople.

Who could forget that iconic Coca-Cola advertisement with Mean Joe Greene or when Snickers first introduced the hilarious You’re Not You When You’re Hungry campaign with Betty White in 2010? Or just last year when a long-haired Arnold Schwarzenegger participated in an epic ping pong battle during Bud Light’s Up For Whatever advertisement?

“The Superbowl is the 800 lb. gorilla of advertising,” said CelebExperts President and CEO Evan Morgenstein. “The ads have become iconic symbols of Americana. Families endure sometimes uneventful sporting events just to watch the half-time festivities and the commercials with their favorite stars. For some celebrities, winning the assignment to be featured in a Super Bowl ad is their Oscar!”

Celebrity spokespeople ultimately possess an unparalleled ability to create lasting memories in the minds of consumers. Here is our list of the Top 5 Super Bowl Commercial Campaigns featuring a celebrity spokesperson this year:

Katie Couric, Bryant Gumbel & BMW: The new advertisement is as ingenious as it is monumental. This is the first time that either of these two storied TV journalists have appeared as celebrity spokespeople. BMW is known for superior performance in a class all their own and their celebrity marketing campaign for Super Bowl XLIX follows suit.

Brett Favre & Wix.com: Brett is one of several NFL Legends including Emmitt Smith, Terrell Owens and Franco Harris who will appear in ad spots for Wix.com during Super Bowl XLIX. He has traded in his Wrangler Jeans and Micro Touch Groomers to endorse a website building service encouraging Americans to innovate.

Kim Kardashian & T-Mobile: T-Mobile hit the jackpot employing the biggest reality TV star on the planet! Kim appears in a mock-PSA for the cell phone carrier assuming the familiar selfie position that she helped make famous in past years. In terms of A-list appeal, participating companies will have a hard time topping T-Mobile on this one.

Terry Bradshaw & DiGiorno: DiGiorno is riding the Super Bowl wave with Terry Bradshaw in their new Super Bowl advertisement. The Hall of Famer leads a group of friends in a slow wave at what appears to be a DiGiorno pizza party. When the target audience is football fans, employing the help of an NFL Legend will never hurt!

Mario Lopez & Avocados from Mexico: No Super Bowl tortilla chip and dip combo is complete without a side of guac! Iconic TV personality Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney partnered with Avocados of Mexico for a marketing campaign aiming to bring sports enemies together over a bowl of mouth-watering guacamole.

CelebExperts is a leading corporate consulting firm dedicated to demystifying the celebrity acquisition process and finding creative solutions to effectively market your brand leveraging the power of a celebrity.

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