Our Generation applauds priorities advanced during Congress’ first week


Today, January 13, 2015, Our Generation, a nonpartisan free market advocacy group commended Congress for introducing policy proposals important to seniors and supporters of limited government. Our Generation would like to highlight two priorities that Congress has supported in first week of the 114th Congress.


  • Term limits- Senator David Vitter (R-La.) and 9 other Republican senators introduced S.J. Res. 1, legislation proposing to amend the United States Constitution and apply term limits to members of Congress. The measure, would limit House Members to three terms and U.S. Senators to two terms in office. Two other term limit bills were also introduced in the House. Term limits stimulate political participation by encouraging competition in elections and also spreading power among more members of a legislative branch. They also create legislative bodies that are more responsive to the needs of their citizens, which helps to foster an environment where politicians are less concerned with re-election and not beholden to special interests.
  • Social Security- House Republicans adopted a technical rule barring lawmakers from using retirement funds to support the disability program unless changes are made to stabilize the Social Security Trust Fund. This change, while not law, is a signal from the Republican leadership that fixing the soon to be insolvent Social Security Disability Insurance program is a top priority. The Social Security Disability program’s trust fund may be insolvent by the end of 2016. Our Generation has sought to highlight the threat that the disability program poses to the retirement security of seniors.

“The first week of Congress was a success for members and supporters of Our Generation where a number of the priorities that are important to the retirement security of seniors and instilling trust in elected officials were advanced,” said MacMillin Slobodien, Executive Director of Our Generation. “Our Generation applauds the efforts to reform the Social Security Disability Insurance program, and enact term limits legislation. We urge Congress to take swift action on these measures. ”

Our Generation, is a nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy organization founded in 2009 to research, educate and promote long-term free market solutions to today’s public policy concerns.

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