10 Best Rum Chooses Top 10 Best Gold Rum Brands

Alcohol Aficionado’s 10 Best Rum shares their top choices in the world of gold rums. Alcohol Aficionado is known worldwide for truly embracing the culture of the market they exist in, and for seeking out the highest-quality alcohols on the planet for a much coveted place on their lists.

In their attempt to “provide dedicated drinkers of any and all alcohol a single place to find the most current industry news, awards, and information about their favorite spirits”, Alcohol Aficionado has created a thorough and dynamic ranking system for each and every beverage. Each drink is judged in terms of design, fragrance, flavor, feel, and finish by distillers, distributors, and knowledgeable enthusiasts to determine which brands and labels have truly earned their spot among the top ten.

Atlantico takes the number one spot of best gold rum brand with, Reserva. It’s flavored with hints of oak and fruit, the combination of which makes this drink incredibly versatile, however the dryness of it optimizes the rum for mixed drinks. It has a “full-bodied, deep flavor” that is sure to make even the harshest of critics craving another splash of Reserva in their cocktail, and masterfully claims the title of best gold rum brand.

Straight from the heart of Bermuda, and with centuries of experience (and a reputation for quality throughout), Gosling’s Gold Bermuda Rum takes number two as best gold rum brand. A contrast of sweet and spicy combines with a long standing history of perfection in their distillation products to earn it a deserved spot among the best in the industry. It is the subtle nature of the rum that makes it a trademark Caribbean drink.

Placing number three as the best gold rum brand is Bacardi Gold Rum. The company is known worldwide for its high quality rum blends, and is the penultimate gold rum for mixing, shooting, or sipping. It’s vanilla and caramel flavors make it “unquestionably a treat to the senses”.

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