Ground-breaking Pregnancy Movie 40 Weeks Premieres in Your Neighborhood


After the birth of their daughter, director Christopher Henze realized he could make the movie his wife, Big Belli CEO Dominique Debroux, had been looking for but couldn’t find when she was pregnant and searching for information and community online.

Christopher and Dominique conceived Big Belli LLC, to produce 40 Weeks, the movie. The mission of 40 Weeks is to provide information and a sense of community to pregnant women through entertainment, so they can have the healthiest pregnancies possible and know that they are not alone in their journey. 40 Weeks steps into the lives of a fascinating, diverse group of families and brings their stories to the screen.

The red carpet premiere will be held in the city of Chicago on January 6th at 6pm in the AMC River East 21 theatre, which is located at 322 E Illinois Street Chicago, IL 60611. praises the intimacy the moms granted the filmmakers. “That, perhaps, is the film’s greatest gift,” they said. “There are many hard, difficult moments…But all of the women approach the incredible changes and challenges they are facing with strength and a sense of humor. In the end, the message is refreshing: no one has a perfect pregnancy.”

To distribute the film in theaters, Henze and Debroux have partnered with Theatrical On Demand®. This groundbreaking approach, wherein a film’s audience crowd-sources screenings in their communities, is rapidly changing film distribution and allowing more women-centric movies to be seen in theaters.

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