Florida Taxicab Association Calls on UberX and Lyft to Stop Operations Immediately


The Florida Taxicab Association (FTA) has called on UberX and Lyft to cease operations in Florida and across the country immediately in opposition to the free market. The FTA is making unsubstantiated claims UberX and Lyft are not safe and propose regulations FTA members follow protect customers. There is no data to suggest using Uber or Lyft puts customers in any more jeopardy than FTA’s traditional livery service companies.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, both Uber and Lyft have been operating at Orlando International Airport (OIA) and within City limits for months.  According to Orlando Weekly, the Orlando Police Department started issuing citations targeting drivers who utilize “peer to peer” apps at OIA and within City limits back in June, even though there is an ongoing dispute as to if local ordinances force shareride services like Lyft and Uber to comply.

Recently, in “tech friendly” San Francisco, the District Attorney’s office filed suit against Uber and Lyft.  The suit claims the companies don’t go far enough to protect its passengers, with District Attorney George Gascon accusing Uber of making false and misleading statements about how it protects consumers and engaging in business practices that violate California law.


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