Palm Beach County’s State Attorney Will NOT Prosecute The Clerk And Comptroller If She Issues Marriage Licenses To Same Sex Couples When The Stay Is Lifted


The South Florida Sun-Sentinel has reported that Dave Aronberg, the State Attorney for Palm Beach County. has announced that he will not prosecute Palm Beach County’s Constitutional Clerk and Comptroller Sharon Bock and her staff in the event they decide to issue marriage license to same-sex couples once the stay is lifted in January.

“We will not prosecute same-sex couples who express their lifelong commitment to one another through marriage, or the clerks of court who take part in the process,” Aronberg said. “We also do not prosecute unmarried heterosexual couples who co-habitate in violation of Florida law.”

Palm Beach County’s Constitutional Clerk and Comptroller Sharon Bock said she was still figuring out what to do.

“We are pleased with State Attorney Aronberg’s position with respect to the law, and we continue to weigh our legal options,” Bock told the Sun-Sentinel.

Palm Beach County Human Rights Council President Rand Hoch thanked State Attorney Aronberg for his leadership via e-mail this morning.

“Once again you have proven your exceptional leadership abilities to Palm Beach County’s LGBT community,” Hoch wrote. “It is our hope that other State Attorneys around Florida will follow your lead.”

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