BlackRock Global Investor Pulse Survey shows that Americans are holding back from investing their money in fear of risking their financial security. Sense Financial and Prudent Consulting recommends self-directed Solo 401k and passive investment sources for better security and return.


On October 30, 2014, the BlackRock Global Investor Pulse Survey was released, offering an insight into American’s perception of the economy and their financial future. The good news is that, half of Americans is optimistic about their financial future. Americans, however, are still holding back from investments in fear of risking their financial goals.

The survey showed that only 27 percent of Americans are more interested in stock investments today than five years ago. 18 percent say they are not interested at all in stocks. Instead of investing, Americans have the majority of their saving and investment in cash holding instead.

While cash holding is considered safer than stocks, it also offers a little to no return against the rising inflation and cost of living. Sense Financial and Prudent Consulting has joint force to introduce better passive investment option for American investors.

Sense Financial specializes in offering self-directed retirement accounts, such as the Solo 401k and Checkbook IRA plans. With these innovative retirement options, investors are free to invest their retirement funds in non-traditional assets besides stocks and bonds.

Prudent Consulting helps investors by providing them with the investment knowledge that they need to succeed, and connecting them with potential passive investment opportunities. Instead of risking their life savings in the stock market, investors can choose to invest their Solo 401k or other savings in real estate, either in a property, notes, or trust deeds. The rent or interest payments serve as a secure, predictable source of income that does not require constant monitoring. Investors can also rest assured with their investment, as often in real estate, the property will act as collateral. If investors no longer wish to keep their investments, they can always sell or foreclose the property to recover their initial investment amount.

With self-directed retirement options and passive investment opportunities, Sense Financial and Prudent Consulting offer Americans great alternatives to cash holding. Instead of leaving their money idling with little to no return, investors can now make the money work for them without facing high risks. The passive nature of the investments also allows investors to focus on their main business while still building up their wealth.

Sense Financial is California’s leading provider of retirement accounts with “Checkbook Control”: the Solo 401k and the Checkbook IRA. Over the years, they have assisted hundreds of clients to obtain checkbook control over their retirement accounts while providing them with the ability to invest in virtually any investment class, including real estate, private lending, mortgage notes and much more without the need for custodian approval.

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