Is Joe Rogan a Seasteading convert?

Joe Rogan recently joined Joe Quirk of the Seasteading Institute in a two-hour conversation about the subject of seasteading. Seasteading is the ability of one or many to move offshore and potentially creating their own country.

Joe Rogan: “That’s fascinating. What you’re essentially doing is you’re providing a method for new civilizations to innovate. You’re not proposing any guidelines. You’re not proposing any new structure for government or finances. You’re opening up the door and allowing a wide variety of people to come through to allow the best ideas to float to the top.” 

Joe Quirk: “Yes. Seasteading is not about seizing power from your political opponents. It’s about ceding power to your political opponents, to try their ideas elsewhere, to see if they will create something that will surprise you, and you can laugh at the fiascos if you want. But the more experiments, the more likely we are to discover solutions. And that’s the truth of politics.”

Joe Rogan and Joe Quirk engaged in a wide-ranging two-hour conversation about the possibilities for seasteading. Rogan has intellectual integrity and intense curiosity. He doesn’t mince words, and he calls guests on their BS. 

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