So many Americans feel we are already free and we have personal liberty. When you compare us with some other nations that would be a reasonable assumption however it is not the level of freedom we had in mind when the Declaration of Independence was crafted, nor our Constitution.

Having to retain a permit to exercise one’s First Amendment right to free speech is opposite of our founding father’s intent. A permit is asking permission from the government to do something. Applying to the government to speak can be denied or unreasonably restricted. This is not freedom.

Here in Florida in order to carry a gun one must obtain permission from the state government even though our Constitution contains the Second Amendment which states, “…the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Perhaps an argument could be made for those that have proven themselves unable to keep and bear arms responsibly, however shouldn’t the “people” have to prove such irresponsibility first? Lawabidng citizens must run through hoops and pay a fee to protect themselves, their families, and their properties from criminals who are unaffected by unreasonable firearms legislaton. This is not freedom.

When I was young and naive I used to think my personal property was as safe and secure as I made it, however this was and is not accurate. The fact is the government can still find out what, in my opinion, is far too much about you even if you have not been charged with a crime. It used to be innocent until proven guilty but now it has completely fliipped to the point of Americans feeling they are simply subjects of the government. Our Fourth Amendment was to protect us from such a change, however through circumstances that I fail to understand, our Fourth Amendment has been usurped by power-hungry legislators and a court system that is more interested in case law & foreign laws than simply referring back to our own Constitution. Our Constitution is suppose to be the Supreme Law of the Land, but it is not so. Unfortunately, the average American seems more concerned with who wins the next Dancing With the Stars or American Idol competitions than with their government [temporary] success in overriding their inalienable rights. Today a police officer can write his or her own warrent (not presenting it before a judge) to enter your home without any probable cause. This is not  freedom.

I could go on and on however it is clear we are not living the free life promised by our founding fathers via the Constitution. Time is long overdue to return true freedom to the American people.

It is time to truly care about who you vote to put in public office. Rather than listen to quick sound bites on the local or national television, take a few extra minutes and review the websites of the candidates to be on your ballot to find the candidate most in line with your values and who will most likely vote in favor of freedom when in office.

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  1. Karl,

    This is a very well written and informative article.
    I was unaware that police officers can write their own warrants now. It was always necessary to go before a judge first.
    That’s a scary truth.

    I must agree with you about Americans in general being more interested in their favorite tv shows than researching who they are going to vote for.
    If we put as much emphasis on finding out the beliefs, track record and opinions of our regional or national candidates as we did on reading about the state of the economy and celebrities I believe we could make a positive change for the better in our country.



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