Fiscally Conservative Republicans Should Join the Libertarian Party

When I joined the Republician Party at the age of 18 it was was presented to me as a political party which was strong on individual rights, fiscally conservative, and wanted to stay out of both my bedroom & my wallet. Wow, was I ever wrong!

What I found instead was the party had mis-represented itself to me because in fact the opposite held true. Though not exclusive by Republicans in office, I found a compounding interest to invade my wallet, my bedroom, my property, and my businesses. What happened to the Republican Party I naively joined? What happened to the less intrusive government I was promised?

Fact is, I finally wised up in 1996 seeking a political party that was serious about my core values and found it within the Libertarian Party and have been a proud member ever since. The only regret I have is having not done it sooner.

Sure, you hear the arguments against being registered Libertarian – we have trouble getting elected, we’re not large enough, etc. But I find comfort in staying close to my core principles, my core values. One feels cleaner when  leave the voting booth after voting for someone in line with their own value system rather than casting a vote for “the lesser of two evils”. What kind of vote is a “lesser of two evils”? I would suggest it is a wasted vote.

Many obstacles are in the way of Libertarians running for office, however one thing is for certain, you will feel a whole lot better voting for one and joining the only political party interested in true liberty of the individual.

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