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Karl Dickey would work to eliminate the sovereign immunity given to the county government as it relates to its contamination of land it owns so it can be a better steward of the environment. Mr. Dickey has been a long-time advocate for the environment. He walks the talk. He has been driving a Prius exclusively since 2005 and is active in the community toward environmental solutions. Our environment would be far better off if naturalist organizations such as the Audubon Society or the Nature Conservancy would take over management of our preserved land in place of our county government. In addition, if we enforced restitution from polluters, even if they are a government entity, the environment would be in far better shape than it is today. Here is one of many examples of how our county government is working against our environment. The best solution to the problems of pollution in Palm Beach County is to get property out of the hands of our government. Overall, private owners take better care of their land and other resources, because they worry about the future resale value of these things. As history has shown, government bureaucrats have no vested interest in the future value of anything under their care. Here is one example of many whereby our county government is a threat to our environment. Please go to this page for an excellent article on our U.S. government’s abuse of the environment.

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