Karl Dickey Signs On With Small Business Effort

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Karl Dickey for Palm Beach County Commission

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NEWS RELEASE    January 22, 2009               For Immediate Release

Karl Dickey Signs On With Small Business Effort

Boca Raton, FL – Karl Dickey, 2010 candidate for Palm Beach County Commission and candidate to be appointed to the Commission by Governor Crist announced today his supportive efforts of NFIB’s Your Dollar, Your Decision campaign. The NFIB is the National Federation of Independent Business and has an effort underway to keep local county and municipal spending within the range of the local population. Any further spending by the local government would need voter approval.

Today Mr. Dickey signed the petition to get their constitutional amendment petition on the 2010 ballot. In addition, he has offered the campaign his help in gathering signatures and anything else he can do to help get the initiative passed.

Karl Dickey said today, “It is long overdue for our comissioners to keep the county spending of public taxpayer money within reason. Palm Beach County has been living beyond it’s means for too many years and it is time to truly reign in our spending and thereby the tax burden to our taxpayers. I look forward to working with small business leaders of all political persuasions in getting this important legislation passed. This legislation will help return some power back to the people which is consistent with my efforts to lessen the power I and fellow commissioners would have in the future. Politics should not be about power, it should be about service to our citizens, lessening the public’s burden of high taxes, and helping everyone from senior citizens to our small business community prosper. I will work ethically to make certain our county government moves towards these goals.”

More information on the NFIB effort can be found at: http://www.nfib.com/object/IO_38108.html


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