Karl Dickey to Attend Ethics Seminar

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NEWS RELEASE   January 21, 2009   For Immediate Release

Karl Dickey to Attend Ethics Seminar

Boca Raton, FL – Karl Dickey, 2010 candidate for Palm Beach County Commission and candidate to be appointed to the Commission by Governor Crist announced today his enrollment in a seminar which includes one half day devoted exclusively to ethics.

Mr. Dickey said this afternoon, “I look forward to attending the seminar put on by my good friend Robert Podolsky. In 2006 I ran my state senate campaign with the phrase Ethically Changing the Mindset of Politicians and feel this directly relates to our local county commission. It is clear, due to their long lengths in office some have succumbed to the temptations that often surround such offices of power. It would be nice to greatly reduce such power and truly be a servant to the people of Palm Beach County – to return that power to the people. Far too often we have found our representatives more concerned with their personal interests rather than those of the people they are suppose to represent. Thankfully, the term limits committee I participated in was effective in getting overwhelming public approval to term limits for our county commissioners. I only wish we had acted sooner. It was great to see Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents work together on that effort as we all saw the problems associated with having our politicians in office too long.”

Mr. Dickey signed up for the seminar in 2008 and looks forward serving the citizens of Palm Beach County in an ethical, effective manner. The seminar is to be held by Robert Podolsky on February 15th and 22nd in Boca Raton. The two day seminar has four sections: Ethics, The Law, Government, and Mechanisms for Real Change.

Robert Podolsky is author of five books on ethics, a retired scientist, and a former psychotherapist. He is also the son of famed physicist Boris Podolsky.


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