The Media Has Failed Us

Here in Florida, there are 13 presidential candidates on the ballot – yet what information has our media given us about them? Only two candidates have been given free publicity, while purposely shunning the other 11.

Floridians should be angry about this fact and hopefully they will contact the local and national media to express their dissatisfaction of the presidential coverage.

How is a Floridian to make an educated choice when the barrage of media fawns over only the Republican and Democrat? Who is Bob Barr? Who is Chuck Baldwin? Who is Cynthia McKinney?

The media will never tell you, this is for certain. The media has failed me and has failed the public.

I suggest each Floridian before going to vote, and since the regular media channels won’t let you in on the information during their regular news coverage, please see below for at least some of the information on the candidates.

It is my humble opinion we should be voting for candidates most in line with our value system and not simply for the most popular. I hope you are of the same opinion.

Libertarian Party – Bob Barr –

Green Party – Cynthia McKinney –

Constitution Party – Chuck Baldwin –

Ralph Nader – Independent –

Gloria LaRiva – Party for Socialism & Liberation –

Gene Amondson – Prohibition Party –

Thomas Robert Stevens – Objectivist Party –

James Harris – Socialist Workers Party –

Alan Keyes – American Independent Party –

Brian Moore – Socialist Party –

Charles Jay – Boston Tea Party –

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  1. I agree with you completely. However, it is most peoples belief that voting for the other choices is a waste of a good vote…


  2. I love this stream of American thought. But the more I read of alternative politics in America, the more I am reminded of why the radical left in the UK never got its act together. Where is the art of compromise – or is that the point?
    Good luck in the election.


  3. Karl,

    As a long-time Libertarian who had a radio talk show in Sacramento for a couple of years, I made it a point in the ’04 cycle to try and interview the Presidential candidate for every recognized party. A couple (Peace & Freedom, Socialist Workers) flaked (it was a little tough to get Leonard Peltier on the phone), but we did get to expose listeners to the candidates for the Constitution, Libertarian, Green, Socialist and Prohibition parties. My attitude was, you just might find something in one of these candidates that resonates with you, and if they’re total quacks, then let’s see which ones they are!

    I am among those so horribly disillusioned by the two parties we’re currently stuck with that I see little hope for improvement unless we find a different direction. If you’ve any interest, I blog at


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