Officers Work Against Individual Rights

Officers Work Against Individual Rights
Palm Beach Gardens Police Arrest Twelve For No Legitimate Reason

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida – The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County (LPPBC) is disgusted at the lack of respect our local, county, state, and federal authorities have for human rights and an American’s ability to participation in victim less, voluntary transactions.
This morning the Palm Beach Gardens police, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office, the U.S. Marshall’s, and the DEA all participated in a scheme to waste tax dollars while dozens of these public servants should have spent their time protecting the public. What were they doing? Hoping to garner headlines for busting drug dealers? However, that is not the whole story. These “drug traffickers” stole nothing and didn’t create victims in their supposed “crimes”.  Where are the victims?
The accused participated in filling their legitimate prescriptions for oxymoron at their local drug store (a legal transaction) and instead of injecting the prescriptions decided to sell them. And for that, we have arrested twelve people supposedly to make our streets safer, however this type of transaction happens everyday in Palm Beach County and without any victims.
The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County feels strongly that our police forces should be focused on crimes with actual victims rather than waste their time and resources (and the public’s tax dollars) on frivolous victim less “crimes” such as these. Each U.S. Citizen should have the right to participate voluntary transactions without threat by the strong arm of the law. We feel this ideology shift would more than double the resources available for true crime prevention, and significantly reduce the number of violent criminals at work in Palm Beach County.


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