County Works Unethically Against Church


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Contact: Karl Dickey, Chairman 561.237.5586

NEWS RELEASE August 5, 2008 For Immediate Release

County Works Unethically Against Church

We need MORE organizations such as Westgate Tabernacle

Boca Raton, Florida – The Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County (LPPBC) is interested in seeing more private organizations assist the homeless and less fortunate and have the county government lower their regulation of such organizations, such as the Westgate Tabernacle.

Karl Dickey, chairman of the Libertarian Party of Palm Beach County, said this morning, “Imagine if we allowed private organizations to take on the less fortunate in our area without the oppressive, heavy hand of our county government breathing down their back to comply with unrelated and ridiculous regulations. We would have greater participation from the private community to effectively help the homeless and the unemployed if government would just get out of the way. One instance I recall was where a business I was involved, decided to give out sodas, grilled hot dogs, and grilled hamburgers to the public on our own private property. We were shut down within two hours by code enforcement for not having a permit. We were shocked we would need to get permission from the government to feed the public.”

The LPPBC feels it is unethical for Palm Beach County government to work against the rights to property each American and each property owner is entitled. Code enforcement has been quoted as saying that it is unsafe to sleep in a tent – this is preposterous.

The LPPBC feels private organizations should be able to assist the less fortunate without threats from our government. We encourage dollar-for-dollar tax credits for contributions to private charities, we encourage removal of various licensing laws currently keeping organizations from forming, we encourage the reduction and even the complete elimination of zoning laws, we encourage our county government to rescind all inclusionary zoning laws, and we encourage a dramatic change our current failed government-run education system so our young are prepared for the real world in which they will live and can prosper.

We realize these reforms are not easy or painless – and may seem unorthodox to many, however the compassionate people of Palm Beach County can and will assist those in need. Our current government-run welfare system is costly to taxpayers and cruel to the children born into a cycle of welfare dependency and hopelessness. We offer positive alternatives to the failed welfare state and offer a vision of a society based on work, individual responsibility, and private charity.


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